Live FSX Sessions

The list below shows online sessions using the boxed version of Microsoft Flight Simulator X (FSX). Users of FSX: Steam Edition or Prepar3D will not be able to connect to any of the sessions below because these programs use different multiplayer protocols that are not backwards compatible with the boxed version of FSX.

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Notes About Connecting

Most communities’ websites contain important information about participating in their session that should be reviewed before connecting. Additionally, note that most communities require Service Pack 2 or Acceleration to be installed in order to connect.

For general instructions on connecting to any of the sessions listed on this page, see our Multiplayer Server Connection Guide.

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Currently Online Communities

Server Name IP Address Host
Players Player
ATC Weather Description
1 Free Flight for All (FsFlyBoys) Unknown 15 70 1 Real Weather FsFlyboys main goal is to support our fellow Flight Sim Hobbyist. We offer TeamSpeak, VA, Hops, Group Flights and more. Pick your own flights and fly your own aircraft in our community. We welcome all mature pilots and hope you enjoy your stay.
1 WEFLY PRO COMMUNITY - (FREE 4 ALL) KIAD 7 100 0 Fair Weather Hello, and Thank You for checking out WEFLY we are a group of mature simmers that like to play Microsoft Flight Simulator X. Our group does not have any requirements to our members but that you have a great time while flying. Our servers are on 24/7 to meet your convenience fly with us in special or weekly events that will be posted on our Events page. Come fly with us anytime here at WEFLY!
ANGELWINGS VA Italy LIMC 3 99 0 Real Weather Since 2004 in the simulation world,we offer you our professionalism and a good alternative to GameSpy.Opened to experienced and inexperienced pilots.Please NO MILITARY and NO AEROBATICS.Don't spawn on the runway ,autokick is active.!
EASTERNHOPS CYYZ 2 99 0 Custom EasternHops is an online FSX community that features traveling the world, flying 150-300+nm between Airport to Airport. Eastern Hops hosts its own radio station called the "EasternHops Flight Radio" for all its members to utilize while either in flight or socializing in their 24/7 dedicated TeamSpeak server Visit the EasternHops website at to learn more
Elite PremAir Virtual Flight Club KDEN 2 50 0 Real Weather Welcome! Elite PremAir Virtual Flight Club is a virtual online flying community dedicated to learning, teaching and enjoying the wonderful world of Microsoft Flight Simulator X, otherwise known as FSX.
ITALIANI VOLANTI LIPO 8 90 0 Real Weather Free flight in good company with bot service and ATC.
Netplay Test Server EGUL 3 99 0 Real Weather Test server for Netplay.
RealFSX KDEN 15 99 1 Real Weather RealFsx is a FSX multiplayer server that strives to offer an inclusive quality flight simulation to the FSX community with a realistic and relaxed environment. Whether you're a beginner to FSX multiplayer or a real pilot you can have a good time. Join Us - Cool Beans!
Schwitzerland-Pro_X LSZC 12 50 3 Fair Weather Free flight with FSOpen manager. No ATC allowed. Auto-Kicks active for: Gliders, -Spawners, -Talk an all frequencies (shift + capslock) -Plans over 500 packets network traffic.
SKY Virtual Air Traffic Control Network KSEA 2 99 0 Fair Weather SKY|VAN aims to provide a fun, free flight environment with the option for pilots of all experience levels to experience realistic air traffic control, provided by our qualified controllers. SKY|VAN hosts a dedicated TeamSpeak 3 server, and maintains a social network presence where members and guests alike gather to socialize in a comfortable friendly atmosphere.
SKYLine FSX ESSA 2 50 0 Real Weather SKYLine FSX is a High-packet session, and most of the aircrafts are allowed on this server. Please visit for more details. Enjoy!
UK317 / WAA / ATCMagic EGVN 2 24 0 Custom UK based FSX server in partnership with 3 user groups: UK317, Western Air Academy, ATCMagic. Live ATC event every Wednesday evening: 19:30 - 22:30 BST. Sunday Hops: 14:30 - 22:30 BST.
[FR] Inscrivez-vous LFDN 3 99 0 Real Weather Session FRANCOPHONE pour débutants et expérimentés. Tout d'abord vous devez vous inscrire sur notre site Pour les communications radios nous utilisons mumble. Nous disposons aussi d'une LiveMap détaillée. Vous pouvez explorer les différentes façons de voler grâce à nos organismes : aérolub, compagnies aériennes, AirForce, Vol de brousse,...

Currently Offline Communities

Server Name IP Address Last
747s and Airliners Only 21 Hours Ago Welcome to 747s and Airliners Only since 2007. Our free flight session continues with all aircraft welcome. You can fly alone or with the host or group. We do hops both short and long with overnight and world flights. Voice communication is via Teamspeak3 the server is available 24/7 at ip Flight instruction is available by the host. We also offer the session via FSHost where steam players can connect. The only rule here is do not bug other aircraft they might be in real flight mode. Enjoy your flights.
Asia FSX Server 12 Hours Ago Built for Asia FSX player but international players are welcome to join us - ATC are usually available in WMKK but may occasionally unavailable throughout the day. Communication on TeamSpeak will be available soon! Enjoy and have fun :)
Denverstar International 20 Hours Ago Free flight. All are welcome!
Europe [ATC] 23 Hours Ago [A]ir [T]raffic [C]ontrolled session for multiplayer rookies to seasoned professionals - WELCOME!!!!
Flying New Zealand 14 Hours Ago Flying New Zealand is are a server dedicated for those who love flying in New Zealand. Our main airport is North Shore Aerodrome (NZNE) in Auckland. It is recommended that you have ORBX NZNI to enjoy what this server has to offer and to get the full effect that New Zealand's amazing landscape really is! Traffic Reports are made on 118.0 for north shore traffic. All other calls made on intercom on 122.8. Feel free to come and join in the fun! No matter if your a beginner or expert, we will be willing to welcome you with support and helpful advice to make your flying with us a real adventure!
FREE FLIGHT REALISM N/A Free Flight REALISM (please respect other peoples space)
fsx indonesia N/A fsx indonesia
FSX-ARGENTINA N/A Vuelos virtuales con flight simulator x, vuelos VFR (Visual Flight Rules) (Reglas de Vuelo Visual)-IFR (Instrumental Flight Rules)-(Reglas de Vuelo Instrumental)VOR-ILS-DME - practicas de vuelos y mucho mas de este apasionante simulador de vuelo. N/A A community for like minded people who want to take flight simulator to the next level of reality. Here at we offer pilots and potential controllers all the training needed to communicate with ATC aswell as being a place to hang out and fly. So whether your experienced with atc comms,You want to learn or just want to hang out and fly with a group of like minded people in one of our man
FSX-MP 17 Hours Ago FSX-MP is home to many Real World and Simulator Pilots. We welcome all types of skill level here at FSx-MP, and are willing to help NEW pilots into the World of Aviation. We are Home to SkyDream VA and NorOtter VA.
FSXCaptains N/A We love to have casual flyers on our server. Many of our members livestream FSX, which makes us a very close community! We fly regularly, and often host events.
FsxFlightOps N/A Basically carrier ops with fighter jets.
GoAir UK N/A GoAir UK was established in 2001 and have flown & tested most networks,Software and Aircraft downloads. We really enjoy everyone who joins and want to make everyone feel at home. We have registered members who are registered on VATSIM as ATC so expect an enjoyable and realistic session. We do use FSOpen so be aware of that. Matt GAV03 c/o RIB GAV01
Humberside Flyers 21 Hours Ago Evening Direct Connect flight sessions are now available from Humberside Flyers. They will run from about 7.30pm (GMT) each evening until late.
It's Tougher in Alaska N/A We are a group of dedicated FSX Flight Sim Pilots looking for challenging flying conditions and airports. Flying in Alaska and British Columbia in real weather conditions is where you will almost always find us.
Jesse's Flight World 14 Hours Ago Please respect all pilots and players. Thank you!
Lausa ATC N/A LAUSA: To conduct and train all persons interested in being an Air Traffic Controller or Aviator, and to assist in the planning, control, coordination and support of pilots in their well being while flying in an online community.
Live FSX 21 Hours Ago Welcome To Live FSX! Stationed at JFK... Free for all server! Join our teamspeak at
Microsoft Flight Simulator X TITANIUM EDITION N/A Welcome all friends who love FSX in this room you will be able to have free flight and you can use addon aircraft or default aircraft its your choice. So come on in lets have some fun!!!!! And remember its always a good idea to encourage other people who are new to FSX.
Military Air Simulation N/A Military Air Simulation is a Diverse and Unique Online Flight Sim Community that Offers a Challenging & Varied Environment to Fly In With Squadrons All Over the World. VRS TacPack and FSX@War (CCP) are in use - and Operations are underway! We offer both Disk Version and Steam Version servers! Join us today!
Military Jets 22 Hours Ago Military aircraft only. Players using civil aircraft will be ejected automatically. Free flights of formation flying, overhead approach, ILS and traffic pattern. ATC is wellcome.
MSF HotDog Air Service 0 Hours Ago HotDog Air Service ist eine virtuelle Fluggesellschaft nach dem Vorbild alaskanischer und nordkanadischer Fluggesellschaften, die mit älteren Flugzeugmustern und Buschflugzeugen überall dort landen, wo sich sonst niemand hin wagt. 23 Hours Ago In addition to our 24/7/365 FSX host server and website, our community maintains a TeamSpeak3 server ID at, virtual airline, extremely active but separate air traffic control experience, Prepar3D version 2 host server at IP:, FSOpen session manager, Facebook page, and YouTube channel. 2 N/A is an organized community specializing in group flights. The community welcomes pilots of all skill levels to join group flights that usually consist of a few hops lasting one or more hours in total. The community also has an active Virtual Airline with ever-expanding routes. You can find on a dedicated TeamSpeak 3 voice communication server at
No ATC Chaos Server N/A No rules server! No crash physics and no ATC! All kinds of people welcome! No voice chat to prevent squeakers.
Oz Flight Simulations 20 Hours Ago Australian Based Online multiplayer community formerly known as Australia Servers Online. Frequent Hops either Jets or Props. Regular ATC. All welcome.
ProATC@KSAT N/A Realistic Flight Simulator X server hosted out of San Antonio International.
Republic Of FSX Gamers N/A Virtavia F-5E Tiger II Grumman F-14D Tomcat Virtavia A-4 Skyhawk Razbam Harrier Virtavia C17
Short Hops PRO™ 17 Hours Ago FREE FLIGHT for bold pilots . We offer challenging Visual & ILS approaches by direct GPS - no ATC. Commercial jets only. Live Host Always. We have "no rules" other than a basic respect for other members and the challenge of aviation. Please bring your "A" game and have fun.
SkyTeam 21 Hours Ago SkyTeam is an FSX multiplayer server that makes an effort to give a realistic and friendly environment. Whether you're a beginner to FSX multiplayer or a real pilot come fly with us!
Swiss Formation Training N/A Training with Turboprops in the Alpine Countryside (look at Website for more info).
Tropical Paradise 9 Hours Ago Free flight with FSopen Server running. Most aircraft welcome.