Multiplayer Server Connection Guide
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You're done, and should now be connected to your server!

Below you can find a few tips for improving the stability of your connection or troubleshooting issues you may have. Remember, connectivity issues could be specific to your computer or could be on the server's end. Remember, because FSX is more sensitive than other internet applications, you can lose connection to a FSX server without noticing any other issues with your internet.

Plug in. It is definitely possible to establish a great connection through WiFi Internet broadcast from a home router. However, this type of connection is generally less stable than a direct line. If possible, make sure your computer is directly plugged into your networking equipment using an Ethernet cable.

Reset. Even if nothing is wrong, it's a good idea to reset your networking equipment every now and then, as long as this action is recommended/supported by your Internet Service Provider (ISP). Normally, you can accomplish this by unplugging your networking equipment (modem, router, etc.) for 30-60 seconds. Make sure your modem is plugged in and online before re-plugging the router.

Check your equipment. Like other electronics, networking equipment will become less effective over time. If you find you are regularly losing connection to Flight Simulator but nothing else, check to see whether your modem or router is working as it should. Sometimes, you may not notice a decline in speed or performance with applications other than FSX. If you are connected wirelessly, try replacing your wireless router (just make sure to keep a receipt so you can return the new one if it does not help fix the problem).

Check your speed. A decent internet connection is required to run FSX. Check to make sure that the speed you are getting ( is within the tolerance of your ISP's stated connection speeds.

Open ports. Review this article from Microsoft regarding which ports FSX will need opened to operate. In addition to the ports listed on Microsoft's support page, you should also open the multiplayer host range: 6112-6122. You might also check this knowledgebase article for more information.

Talk to your ISP. Try discussing the problem with a technical support representative from your ISP. You may find that they intentionally throttle back speeds for the type of connection FSX uses at certain times, or that they block FSX's internet access for some reason.