Multiplayer Server Connection Guide
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Problem: The "Trying to Connect" message remains on the screen, and I am never prompted to enter a session password.
Already Tried: I have already tried closing and restarting Flight Simulator. I am connected to the internet. Service Pack 2 or Acceleration is installed.

Please check to see whether your "Network Settings" match the standard settings. From the "Multiplayer" tab of FSX, click on the "Network Settings" button.

Most servers use the settings displayed in the picture below:

Some servers will use different Network Settings than yours. If you are unable to connect using these settings, contact the server operator and ask if their server is running on a different port.

Do your Network Settings match the standard settings?
Yes, and now connecting works. What's next?
Yes, but I am still unable to connect to the server
I am still unable to connect to the server but am receiving a different error