About FSXMultiplayer.com

FSXMultiplayer.com was founded as FSXBeyondGameSpy.com in December 2012 when the support for Flight Simulator X's built-in GameSpy-powered multiplayer was terminated. Since then, the site has hosted over 100,000 visitors interested in learning more about the world of online aviation.

To enable collaboration between diverse communities, Boston Virtual ARTCC agreed to sponsor the creation of this site and has maintained it since then. Boston Virtual ARTCC is a professional, realistic air traffic control community for pilots and aviation enthusiasts.

The intent is never to promote certain groups above others or advocate on behalf of any single group. For this reason, multiplayer categories and communities are listed in alphabetical order and source content directly from the websites of each community.

To maintain the neutrality of this site, anyone is welcome to add information about their community, modify information that is available, or connect with the FSXMultiplayer.com development team. We encourage community administrators and end users to Contact Us to suggest additions and modifications to our content.

Our Mission

This website is designed to be a neutral, fair informational website that helps educate multiplayer users of flight simulator about their options. For our hobby to continue to thrive, the online aviation community must work together to continue to share our knowledge with those new to flight simulator. By transcending the individual needs of each community, FSXMultiplayer.com has helped to maintain the stability of online aviation.