Multiplayer Benefits

Just like flight simulators themselves, the world of online aviation is the ultimate sandbox, full of options that appeal to users of all aviation interests. Whether you are brand new to aviation, a desktop flight simulator veteran, or a real-world student or certificated pilot, you’ll find a home in the online aviation world.

Flying online allows you to do so much more than flying alone:


Multiplayer enables you to meet new people. From group flights to airliner operations, you will find a group of pilots that shares your interests.


Through "hangar talk" or just chatting during a flight, you will pick up simulator tips and tricks, discuss rules and regulations, and ultimately become a better pilot.


Only through multiplayer can you truly experience the thrill and challenge of carrier landings, air racing, military operations, and formation flying.

Fly With ATC

Air traffic control provides a new level of realism and learning for the simulator and student pilot. Airspaces, regulations, and procedures become the norm.

There's something unique about flying together. It doesn't matter how specialized your interest is—you'll find others that share that passion. There are groups devoted to just about every aspect of flight, from small general aviation hops to fast-paced military operations. You can find casual experiences where you can get in an airplane, start flying toward a destination, and talk about aviation along the way. Or you can find highly realistic air traffic control groups that are intent on simulating real-world operations. Wherever you end up, flying online allows you to find and get to know people who share your interests. It's the best way to broaden your horizons and take your simulation to the next level.

Real people are unpredictable; they make mistakes, they pose new challenges—and in doing so, they create a much more dynamic and engaging environment than the robotic aircraft and air traffic controllers found in single player. Worried about being "too new"? We all remember our first flights on a desktop simulator, and people in multiplayer sessions are some of the nicest and welcoming pilots you'll find. Many of the established communities have detailed learning material, and some even offer virtual one-on-one training in an aircraft. Even if you just join in for the discussion, you'll pick up new techniques and ideas for flying the aircraft and tweaking the simulator in addition to being with an accepting group of people who are passionate about aviation.

Ready to Give it a Shot?

Regardless of your experience and interest, online aviation allows you to expand your hobby and create a whole new set of experiences. Remember the feeling the first time you took off in a desktop simulator? Your first few flights in multiplayer—whatever community or experience you choose—will give you that same rush.