Casual Aviation Communities

Just like the missions in FSX, no two casual aviation communities are alike. You’ll find many communities that have "no rules" other than a basic respect for other members and the challenge of aviation. There are groups that simulate specific aspects of aviation, including aerobatics and flight demonstrations, Boeing 747 operations, carrier operations, classic aircraft, general aviation, and gliding—just to name a few. Some offer air traffic control, although it is often more relaxed than what’s available in Realistic ATC Communities and isn’t usually the community’s focus. Finally, some communities specialize in "group flights" that visit exotic and interesting destinations on a weekly basis.

Please note that the organizations on this page may not be a complete list. We encourage administrators from Casual Aviation Communities to Contact Us to add their name to this list.


EasternHops is an online FSX community that features traveling the world, flying 150-300nm "hops" between airport to airport. One of the most popular EasternHops events is "Cessna Sundays", a weekly group flight featuring Cessna 172 aircraft.

In addition to events and group flights, EasternHops also hosts its own radio station! EasternHops Flight Radio is available to members in flight or while socializing in EasternHops' 24/7 dedicated TeamSpeak server. The community is highly social, with events and activities focused around getting to know other members and the spirited discussions that naturally follow a successful flight. The community also hosts an annual Meet & Greet event (5 years running as of 2015), during which many community members get together in person.

Along with Boston Virtual ATC and, EasternHops has been a regular participant of the Cross-Community Flight, a regular group flight that includes members from several of the largest FSX multiplayer communities flying together.

Source: is an organized community specializing in "group" flights. The community welcomes pilots of all skill levels to join group flights that usually consist of a few hops lasting one or more hours in total. There are several regular group flights that take place on, including weekly flights and those organized around special events and activities. The community also has an active Virtual Airline with ever-expanding routes.

The multiplayer server is available 24/7 with pilots flying at all times of the day. Additionally, a dedicated TeamSpeak 3 voice communication server is available at The community is also supportive of ATC, with an active controller online at least twice a day. Pilots are also to free-flight anywhere they choose! is a proud supporter of multiplayer and has played an active role in the multiplayer community. Amongst other initiatives, created the Cross-Community Flight, a regular group flight that includes members from several of the largest FSX multiplayer communities like Boston Virtual ATC and EasternHops flying together.