Multiplayer Options

The online aviation world has so much more to offer than the single player environments available in in 'single player' flight simulator modes. In general, there are two types of online aviation communities. Casual Aviation Communities are often based more around the magic of flight and social interaction, offering mission-based activities, challenging group flights, or just 'no rules' servers where pilots are free to do what they please. Alternatively, Realistic Air Traffic Control Communities strive to replicate day-to-day aviation operations.


It's better together.
Multiplayer enables you to fly with people from around the world. From simple "anything goes" group flights to sophisticated airliner operations, you will find a group of pilots that shares your interests.


Fly with real people, not robots.
Whether through "hangar talk" or chatting during a flight, multiplayer is a license to learn. You will pick up simulator tips and tricks, discuss rules and regulations, and ultimately become a better pilot.


High performance flight.
Only through multiplayer can you truly experience the thrill and challenge of carrier landings, air racing, military operations, and formation flying.

Fly with ATC

A new level of realism.
Online air traffic control provides a new level of realism and learning for the simulator and student pilot. Airspaces, regulations, and procedures become the norm.

Casual Aviation Communities

Casual aviation communities tend to be more relaxed than realistic ATC communities, offering an environment designed around the magic of flight. Some have around the clock operations while others are available at pre-defined times for specific events.

The best part about casual aviation communities is the people that you will meet. Flight simulator users are friendly, knowledgeable, and happy to help those new to the simulator or aviation itself. Participating in group events is a great way to meet new people, learn more about aviation, and start to see more of the online aviation world that thousands of flight simulator users around the world couldn’t live without.

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Realistic Air Traffic Control Communities

If you’re a pilot or controller who loves the procedural aspects of aviation, wants to fly for a virtual airline, enjoys simulating all of the details, or needs to practice or stay sharp for the next flight, you’ll likely find a home with a realistic ATC community. Many realistic ATC communities also have an active social component that feature group events and activities.

Realistic ATC Communities tend to appeal to pilots and air traffic controllers who are most interested in simulating realism. These communities tend to be more rules-based, with a steeper learning curve and a more intense and demanding experience.

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