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We would be happy to have your community listed! Listing is free and does not require any additional software installation. Simply complete and submit the form below.

Note that the FSX Multiplayer sessions page hosts only FSX communities accessible via direct connect. Please only provide your details if the server can be reached using default FSX capability with no additional hosting or connection clients. If you are hosting a non-FSX session, please Contact Us for details on how you can get your server listed

IP Address and Port

If you are unsure of your server's IP address, visit Note that your IP address will not start with '192.168'. The server port for FSX multiplayer sessions is normally 6112.

Forwarding and Security

The ports used for FSX must be configured to allow incoming FSX users to access your computer. If the bot is not connecting to your server, it means that the ports are not configured properly, and other users won't be able to get in either. The FSX Multiplayer Bot cannot connect to a password protected server.

Website Homepage

If you do not have a website for your server, enter "None". The FSX Multiplayer will be placed instead.